Saturday, December 19, 2015

perspective is everything

After all the b.s. we are bug free. (If you haven’t been reading this week, we had a bug situation in our home.)  What I noticed after I consciously let go of all my stress was how perfect and helpful all of the circumstances of the events were. I did not have lice, but I found a lice bug in my ear, tickling me. I got checked and was lice free and that was that. I never even thought about my kids whose heads had looked fine when I checked them and who were not itchy. Then I got checked again because I kept feeling itchy. I was still bug free but because of the perfectly timed terror threat in the los angeles public schools, I happened to have my kids with me that day and on an off chance I happened to see my son scratched his head unconsciously for a second. I had them checked for peace of mind.
That little course of events could have been the difference between easy lice removal, which we did because we nipped it in the bud, or infestation, which could have happened had we let it go for a few weeks, since I had no awareness that my kids had it. When it is going on for a while, it can be really hard to get rid of I hear. It was all a perfect example of how things can seem great and be terrible or seem terrible and be great. 
Our perspective colors everything. You really never know where a course of events is going to lead you. I feel so blessed that if I was going to have bugs that it went down this way. Hard as hell, but so much easier than it could have been. So very many lucky coincidences. Thank you universe.

On a side note, the kid threw up in the bed tonight on the clean bug free sheets. We are traveling tomorrow and have so much to do, but I just remembered, in the words of the wise Steve Marrone, that “he is doing what he is supposed to be doing,” being a kids. One more load of wash won’t kill me. So interesting how I do not feel like I am in a tidal wave of misfortune anymore even though lots and lots of difficult stuff is happening to me. Keep Calm and carry on.
Stay curious and light and focus on the positive, it makes life so much better. I write this to remind myself.

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