Sunday, December 6, 2015

33: Santa ordeal

We went to take a photo with Santa today. We go to this hectic place in Hollywood because they have the same guy every year. For 6 years we have sat our kid/s on this one guy’s lap. It takes FOREVER but it is sweet in the end.

You could make appointments this year, but we are not people who can keep appointments, sometimes we just need to sleep in, sometimes it is an emergency. So today, we had planned to have a sitter come at 8am so we could get some rest and the sitter called to say she could not come because she was ill so we had to get up and parent. So we decided to brave the Santa situation.

We went and put our name on a 3.5 hour wait list, we got brunch, I took one kid to the park and my husband drove the other around for a car nap, and 3.5hours later we got on a line and 45 minutes later we were one person away from our photo when they shut the stand down for a “break”. My head almost blew off my head but within 15 minutes we had the photo.

I get incredibly anxious and teeter on the verge of anger during this type of wait but the miracle is that my husband stays calm and with his help we brave through the ordeal and now we have the photo.

They are only little for a short amount of time. We are trying to be here now and enjoy it. not always easy, but always worth it.

When climbing Mount Everest and trying to stay alive, remember to pause and enjoy the view and take it all in.

No reason to post this song, but I am feeling it, great anthem...
"THey say they're  a part of you and that's not true you know. they say they got control of you and that's a lie you know. They say you will never be free."

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