Sunday, January 31, 2016


There is no power in my entire neighborhood and other parts of the city. That is what a little rainstorm can do in Los Angeles.

I am loving the switch up of routine. We did the kids bath by candle light and I have no internet and am not even able to post this till things get fixed, which we have no idea of when that will be. The lights have been out since 2 pm. It is now 8 pm. 

I am not making lunch or setting the clock for the morning because I don't know if there is school and I will deal with it when I wake, naturally, not by alarm. No reason to push or worry. 

There are plenty of flashlights and candles here. I can open the back door and cold crisp air hits my face and I  see lots of star without any light interference, just some cloud interference. The refrigerator is cold and we are not opening it, so the food will last a good while. This  ipad is running out of batteries so I am going to meditate and read a book and relax by candlelight on a rainy night, what a joy!

OH NO, AS I  TYPED THE LIGHTS JUST CAME ON! What a drag. Now i have to make lunch. Alas, here we go back to normal.....

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