Sunday, January 10, 2016

Gene Hackman

Did I ever tell you guys (probably) about how when I first met my husband we were so very different that it was hard to find any place to meet, any common ground. We had almost nothing in common. We still are really different with really different tastes, but in the beginning it was hard to navigate the divide. We almost didn't navigate it. day we went to see The Royal Tananbaums, which we both adored, and which is still one of my favorites, ever. Allow me to digress and say how the Gene Hackman's character in that film is one of my favorite characters of all time, probably my most favorite male character.The scene where he says "I'm dying," and then Angelica Houston gets so upset, he says he isn't and then she gets mad and he says he is, brilliant. The character is the charming perfection and personification of "flawed" and he is written and acted flawlessly. J'adore.

Anyway, seeing that film was the turning point, and more than Wes Anderson films, it was Gene Hackman films that became our common ground. The fucking French Connection. Oh, hell yeah, the young priest in the Poseidon Adventure. Young is a funny word since Gene Hackman has always looked middle aged, even now he looks the same age as he always has. The guy is timeless and I adore him for being the place me and my man could meet, find common ground, bond.

So we found this tiny island this sliver and we went from there, learning growing building, blossoming. Imagine my loss if I had not stuck it out, stayed open, tried? It was not easy, but so glad we did it.


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