Thursday, January 14, 2016

Giorgio Gomelsky part II

A while back Jesse Malin told me that Giorgio Gomelsky was in the hospital and it was highly unlikely that he would get to go back home. I asked him to send a big hug from me since I was not going to be in NY any time soon. A few days ago I spoke with Jesse again and he suggested I might want to write a letter to Giorgio. Yesterday I thought about what I wanted to say but before I had written anything, I found out that he had passed away. (I heard his death described by those very close to him as “peaceful relief” for him. For that I am so very grateful.)

First, I saw Sharon D'Lugoff’s facebook profile photo, which had been changed to a photo of her and Giorgio, and the thought flashed in my head that he might be gone, but I shut it down because I really did not want it to be true. Please don’t let it be true, please don’t let it be true. I knew but I was in real denial because I selfishly was just not ready. I really did not want to hear the news but in a short period of time my social media went from being all Bowie to being ALL Gomelsky.

Everyone loved and admired this guy and was supported by his generous generous spirit. Everyone was telling the same story and everyone was saying thank you.

The letter I was going to write was also a thank you:

Dear Giorgio,

Thank you Giorgio for having me as a teen at your house and treating me like an equal. Thank you for allowing my band to rehearse at your house.

Thank you for letting me, Howie Pyro and Jesse Malin host our outlaw Greendoor parties at your home for a decade. You fearlessly let us do such loud and administratively illegal events. You took such risk, not for the money, but because the parties served a need in the underground music scene, because they were alive and thriving and fun and they celebrated music.

But mostly, thank you for the time you let me throw a benefit at your place so I could buy a guitar at a time when I was not in the money flow. I was playing acoustic at the time, playing a borrowed guitar and it was too big.

I set up a show at your place and you were so supportive. You invited me to do a residency at your place and you gave me great advice. It meant so much that you offered, that you believed in me, that you supported what I did. I wound up getting the perfect 1967 Gibson LG, which was rare, and just the right size. I will forever think of you when I play that guitar, and when I hear certain songs. Thank you, thank you , thank you.

You were so very loose and cool and you were the only man I know who could rock an ascot. 

Thank you for your heart and soul. You inspire me.

I hold you in my heart and wish you the very best as you soar into your new adventure.

Love forever, Holly 

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