Sunday, January 3, 2016

hitch hiking in l.a.

One time I hitchhiked in los angeles to a job interview because I was really broke and did not have a car and missed the bus. A scary guy saw me sticking out my thumb and he made a u turn on a busy avenue to get me but I did not get in his car. Then a regular looking guy (whatever that means) picked me up and got me there in time. On the way we talked about credit card debt and I explained to him how interest worked and how he should not use a credit card to buy things he could not afford. I hope he listened. It was a pleasant conversation and ride.

When I told a more mature friend she cried and said that was dangerous and she did not want me to ever be in a situation where I could get hurt. I though she was being an uptight square. I was way too badass to understand her concerns. But in time I was able to shed, not very willingly, my badass mind enough to get it. Stay soft. Love yourself a lot.

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