Monday, January 25, 2016

in the past I would have lost my mind

Today I went to get my son’s social security number. I waited for an hour and a half and I got to the window with all of my documents in order. The man behind the counter was confused about my son’s gender and kept calling him a her and then said I needed to have other documents with her name on it, which I knew I already had. Then I saw that I had brought my daughter’s birth certificate instead of his.

In the past I would have lost my mind over such an incident. I did not have the capacity to handle common silly burdens plus bureaucracy plus mistakes, my mistakes. Today I was certainly annoyed but it was easy to walk away knowing I had to do it again tomorrow, knowing I messed up and did not get to go to yoga and got nothing accomplished. Oh well. Oh mercury in retrograde, really? Try again tomorrow.

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