Wednesday, January 27, 2016

just like that blue bird...

Wow, today I got contacted by a soul, a friend, who had brutally passed away. I was meditating, trying to stay awake and present, certainly not trying to speak with any souls or even thinking about any such stuff, but there was a voice that kept calling to me. I tried to push it away like I would a thought that tried to interrupt my meditation but it persevered and said it was important. So I allowed it. I figured that maybe this is why we meditate, to hear what is important.

So they told me that they really loved me and while I first figured it was crush type love, they were very clear that is was universal unconditional capitol L Love, the kind you bask in, feel into, heal with, and transform from. They told me a few things about stuff that was on my mind and it was clear that they were better off than I or we could ever imagine or hope for. They were beaming with love and light and warmth and a smile.

They said that they were in an amazing place, incredible really. That they could “see” everything now, the hows and the whys and that every thing was... “right”, or oh so very unimportant. They said that where they were now was so very “different” than this reality we live in here and that there really were no words to properly describe it, but the words that I will use to describe what I was sensing are: free and transcendent.

They went on to remind me to feel the love that I have in my life right now, that it is so special.

I do not take this lightly. I have been contacted once before and it was quite profound ( I write this tentatively because it is scary to be vulnerable, but I write about it it because it was given to me so generously and that makes me want to share it with the world. What else are we here for? To buy things and look good?

Feel the love that is in your life right now, it is so special.

Love you all. Wishing you the bluest skies. Peace out Xh

Not sure if you would have cared for this tune while on earth but this is the song that came to me….the "heart and soul" part...


  1. Holly,
    This is Helen Jane Wilson. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for sharing your beautiful experience. It has confirmed that they are where i believed they were and soothes my suffering soul. My love is stronger than ever and sharing it with the world is what i have been doing since that tragic night. Peace, Love and Light. xo

    1. it makes me so happy to know that it helps. Thank you for reading. Love always wins. xHolly