Tuesday, January 26, 2016

let someone else do it...

my pal Christine Martin posted this quote today and i am sharing it as my daily blog tonight because it is too good not to:

Quotes from Maharishi on the transition at the point of death:

“When someone dies, it is because at that point their karma has become insurmountable in the present body. It is not possible to understand had to come when it did and there is certainly no point in assuming responsibility and guilt. The course of action is unfathomable. However, especially for someone on the path of speedy evolution, the transition is purely evolutionary. They go the celestial realms, or are reborn almost immediately.
When life leaves the body, it is the breath leaving, like transcending. For one who has been accustomed to this experience for many years, the transition is easy, painless and blissful, not catastrophic. Dropping the body is like letting a bird out of its cage.
Grief is natural. At first when grief is deep and sharp, these emotions of the family and friends allow the soul to feel that they were loved very deeply. It is also natural that the grieving should taper off, allowing the soul to feel that their passing was not a drag on the life of their beloved ones, and that they are free to move on to their destiny. It is important to feel positivity and support for the departed soul wherever they may be, because our attitude affects their evolution.”
“When a person who is a Sidha... ...if it is time to leave the body... ...at this moment it is so much easier... ...One bursts in to bliss when one stops thinking.
The mind bursts into awareness and the habit of transcending takes over. This is what transforms the experience into unbounded awareness and the mind does not come back to the relative.
In fact it is not such a terrible thing. It is quite a Holy Occasion. We accept the Will of God and surrender to it. When death comes we just dive through it like when a wave comes on the shore.”

love on, my friends


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