Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Yesterday I was speaking with some pals and someone told me the most beautiful story of saying I love you to their father on the last day of his life. The story made me cry. I was on my way to leave to get home in time to relieve my baby sitter when they were telling me the story, so I said a quick goodbye and left soon after, tears still flowing from my eyes.

A stranger saw me crying and said, “what happened?” I kept walking past her and without stopping I mentioned that nothing happened, that I just heard a touching story. I did not have to explain myself, but I kind of wanted to gently let her know not to push her assumptions on other people. I am a bit allergic to anyone assuming anything about my feelings.

As I continued on, she ranted about whatever she was projecting on me, not hearing a word I said, even though she asked me. “Don’t cry over a guy, he’s not worth it, blab bla bla.” She blabbed on until I was far enough away not to hear her.

I have to say, she gave me a good laugh. Tears and sentiment gone.

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