Saturday, January 16, 2016

power ballad

In 7th grade I had one foot in the underground and one still in the mainstream. I knew about a few cool things but I still listened to the radio. I still liked meat loaf and reo speed wagon hits. I loved power ballads. I will never forget being at a sleep over at friends house with a bunch of pals and we all took turns singing out load and I sang a few lines from this reo speedwagon power ballad, which at the time I thought was great. I picked to sing this one part where I liked the phrasing, it was off and cool and I knew how to make it sound good.  My friends all said I was a great singer. It was the first time I sang out loud in front of anyone.

That song was on an album that my sister’s boyfriend had on cassette and played all the time in his car, which I rode in all the time to go see bands and go to clubs and go to see the Rocky Horror Picture show, and do so many young teenage adventures. It was part of the sound track to my youth, along with so many great songs. I am sure the time came when I was too punk to stand it any more and it got vetoed.

I heard that song today on the radio and realized that my taste hadn’t really changed. The song is awful to me now, but I get what I was attracted to in the phrasing and how i phrase my lyrics in the manner still.

And I LOVE being in my new band and getting to play music and sing and phrase my melodies again!! So fun.

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