Monday, January 18, 2016

the greendoor outlaw

Today I remembered this story about throwing the greendoor parties at Giorgio Gomelski’s place. We were young and kooky and had no regard for law and order, not in a way that would hurt anyone, just in a carefree way of not taking any thing serious.

When I wrote last week that we were throwing administratively illegal parties, it was because we charged a cover at the door and sold drinks without a proper license and we did not poof anyone. As a young 14 year old, I went to Max’s and the old Pep and no one carded me, it was just how new york was, so it did not seem wrong or strange. We also went afterhours, well past the NY 4am curfew.

We also took ads out in the Voice, giving the date and location of the party and featuring a classic photo of our heros, like Keith Richards, or Thunders, or Bowie with Liz Taylor, photos we thought were cool and conjured up or vibe. In the beginning we never had permission to use the shots, much less run them in the paper. Later, as I got a bit more responsible and mature, I started to worry what a lawsuit might look like and then we only used Bob Gruen’s photos, which he gave us permission to do. He had enough great shots to last forever.

One day, after doing this for years, Jesse called me up to tell me that Giorgio saw the ad in the paper and freaked out, screaming at him  that we cold not advertise these events in the paper, could not put his address in the paper, that it could get him into trouble. Jesse argued back that we needed to promote the event and that we had been doing it for years. I could not believe that h did not know all those years. In the end, there was no resolution, we just continued as we always had.

Part of the appeal was the outlaw element. We weren't trying to do anything wrong, we were just doing our best, all we were capable of. It is shocking that we got away with everything for so long and without incident. Perfect.

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