Friday, January 29, 2016

Who would have ever thought that I would get good at Black Tie?

Tonight I am going to the Eddie Awards, Black Tie. Tom is nominated and is a presenter with J.K. Simmons and Damien Chazelle. 

I did not go to my high school prom, so last year’s Eddie Awards, at 49 years old, was my first Black Tie, my first formal, my first evening gown. My wedding dress was self-designed cotton mini and I did a few trashy ripped up gown things in clubs, but that is way different. Anyway, it was a good dress rehearsal for last year’s Oscars.

I had no idea what I was doing. I had a dear friend who happens to be a stylist and she was helping me with questions. I had such a hard time wrapping my head around what an appropriate evening shoe was, and they seemed to go against all of my sensibilities. I was used to dressing according to my taste everyday of my life. For decades I had not worn clothes that I did not like or did not feel good in for work, play or going out. Also years of working in clubs, particularly in the 90’s when Drag was such a big influence, colored my idea’s about dress up, so being “appropriate” was difficult, to say the least.

Anyway, last year, I made it through picking clothes for two Black Ties plus the “California beach party” look for the Indie Spirits, the Ari Emanuel Cocktail party, and the Oscars brunch with Oprah! I did ok and I learned a lot.

So tonight is a piece of cake. I am doing semi formal ¾ length because that passes at this event and it look better on me and feels better. I have learned to love a good evening shoe and am wearing an actual heel, not a wedge for the first time in decades. My stylist friend was shocked and thrilled. I did not try to make that happen, it just happened naturally .Expansion is the natural results of experience.

I’ll say that again, because it is so true, more than in this silly fashion post, but in all of life: Expansion is the natural results of experience. All of these things that we go through serve us by increasing our capacity to handle things. Do you feel that?


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