Friday, February 12, 2016

3 strippers, nyc, the eighties

(There is no accounting for taste so forgive my judgmental teenage self’s comments if I am talking about you, as we peek inside my still developing mind).

During the eighties decade, the eighties popular culture, the music, the films and particularly the fashion, was repulsive to me, a weird anti social teen and young adult.  Shoulder pads, the curly hair tossed back, the high cut underwear and bathing suits, almost all of it was the antithesis of what I found attractive. I used to have to hand tailor all of my clothes because I could find almost nothing on the rack that suited my strong stubborn taste. I am not sure I have ever heard a Duran Duran song, because I was busy rocking the underground music scene to escape what was offensive to me. Oh how I struggled to find underwear that did not want to give me a giant skinny triangle from my crotch to my belly button. Indeed, I used to hand lower the waists of all of my pants into rare and beautiful hip huggers that were impossible to find at the time. I know it is hard to believe but a mere 30 years ago you used to have to work so incredibly hard to find wearable clothes if your taste did not match the dominant style.

So there were these three beautiful girls that looked cool as hell. They were into some underground music scene as well and they too understood that the current popular sensibility was crap. They were friends with each other and happened to be topless dancers who worked probably at Billy’s. I am not sure. They wore a lot of black clothes and black eyeliner and I referred to them in my head as “the Cher girls” because of their long brilliantly straight hair. They must have found a stack of vintage underwear from the 60’s because they always wore these glorious low cut bathing suit bottom style underwear (not sure how i knew that) with cool boots, while almost every other dancer was doing the high cut vile thong and white pumps look, topped off with long yellow curls. (I understand that that is nothing terrible in and of itself. It almost sounds refreshing as I type it,  but at the time I found it oh so very cringeworthy.) 

Anyway, I used to see these girls around town and I always thought to myself how lucky the men were who got to watch them dance, and they probably had no idea. Those girls were just so fucking cool.

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