Tuesday, February 16, 2016

F*cking internet

Urg, I was doing research for one of these pieces and the most horrible thing came up when I searched my topic. It was something different, a shared name, and I read one of the most vile things. I wrote a more detailed post but then deleted it and went with this vague one because I realized that I did not want to call attention to the horror, I did not want to come up in anyone’s search looking for that horror, I did not want to put it into any of your consciousnesses and I did not want any feedback or to discuss it further. I just want distance. It might be so farfetched as to be untrue. I hope so. Sorry for the lame post but I needed to expel it somehow from my mind, so I am typing it out.

For clarity’s sake, it is not an issue that needs light shed or that any victims need help. I am not censoring, just protecting psyches. The internet can lead you down dark paths. I never seek that darkness. Whoa, there is a fucked up world out there. I lived some of it first hand, so I should know, but I have no intention of going back. Fucking internet.

I am so lucky to live in the world I live in, made up of the things of my choice as much as possible. Love always wins.

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