Saturday, February 13, 2016

going home

 6 years ago Feb 13 also fell on a Saturday. 6 years ago I got to watch my daughter being born. I had the privilege of being given a perfect beautiful baby. I got to sleep in a skinny little hospital bed that I shared with my husband next to my daughter’s bassinet and experience for the first time being woken every three hours out of deep exhausted sleep to give her bottles and change her diaper. I staggered down the hall in my pajamas to change her with the help of a nurse, because it was my first newborn diaper. I cheered when I got the first burp out because I couldn’t get one for a while and the nurses had to keep doing it for me. Many more things happened that day. My life was forever changed. I will never forget it. I never for a moment take it for granted. So very lucky. So very grateful. So very tired. So very happy. How time flies. Take a sec to be here now.

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