Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ode to my band:

Other Side of My Brain is my new band and I am crazy about it. I had thought for sure I was done with music. I was happy not to deal with the hard parts of that career ever again. And then a course of events not only got me to play a show, but got me back in a band. And now I am so crazy over my band and playing. It is such a gift. It gives me energy and makes me a better mother, more available, more patient, less stressed. it is shocking how these things work. How time expanded for me when I did something creative for myself and did an act of service. I am playing for me, but also to use and share my gift generously. So weird but true. I am in awe. Gotta go write a song. See ya later.


Here are the highlights to the course of events, which are still shocking to me:

Talked a little about it at the end of this blog

and this one where I really do not want to play my show, dreading it:

this one right after the first show:

this one, where I realized that I was agreeing to be in a band, after I was asked and needed to think about it for a spell:

this one where I realize I am in the flow after playing my show:


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