Saturday, February 27, 2016

say it again, sam

Oh man, the Academy really messed up by excluding two of the songs nominated for best original song from being performed on tomorrows broadcast.

It is not the first time the Academy has made this bad decision, they have excluded songs a few times in the past, although generally all of the songs are performed or none. The official statement is that the exclusion was done due to time constraints. No matter the reason, it is never a good idea to cruelly tell nominees that their song is not important enough. Don’t bother with the nomination if you are not going to have a fair playing field. Think about it.

The person who made the decision to make the cuts did something incredibly thoughtless and really dropped the ball. By having Anohni, one of the most sensitive and beautiful singers of our time, not grace the stage at the Oscars this year, they deprived the world of experiencing something incredible, such a loss for everyone. I am so deeply saddened by their poor choice and it’s consequences. The other excluded song, Simple Song #3, is also a beautiful work, a classical piece, and would also have added positively to the broadcast.

Needed to say that. I hope the person who made this bad decision, receives some flack and learns a very needed lesson. xH

Posting it again

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