Friday, February 5, 2016

the horror

I try not to share about the atrocities of presidential candidates. It is a slippery slope. I am often preaching to the converted and if I am not, my post won’t change anyone’s deep-seated belief system.

More importantly I always want to know more about the source and the context of any quote or issue, and I am not available to do that kind of research.

The Trump stuff is so blatant and televised, there is not much to say. Trump is saying it, everyone can see what is going on, and they either are embarrassed or proud, outraged or elated, so I don’t need to elaborate, . Elaborating gives him more attention, I’d rather not.

That said I am going to post this. I don’t need to check the source, Rachel Maddow already did that for me. So I am posting it because it is so extraordinarily out there that it is truly mind blowing and it needs to be seen - Pastor Kevin Swanson believes homosexuals should be rounded up and executed by the government. He hosted an event speaking about this and Ted Cruz openly attended the event as part of the event. Swanson interviewed Cruz on the stage. I could throw up just typing that. 

As scary as Trump being like Hitler and wanting to make Muslims register is, this takes the Hitler thing to the next level. Everyone needs to know about this. Not because this guys mentally ill ideas have any power to them, but because a presidential candidate thinks it is ok to be affiliated with him.

For a second I laughed out loud at how nuts Pastor Swanson was, like when he talked about how Hiccupp, a sweet character from How to Train Your Dragon, a character my kid likes, has a homosexual mentor and how American needs to repent for that. But laughter turns to nausea fast when he follows with something to the effect that someone affected by that film would be better off drown at the bottom of the sea with a rock around their neck??!! Help.

I feel with certainty that Pastor Kevin Swanson is a closeted homosexual, the extremist haters always are. 

I do believe that our country on the whole is smarter and better than this. I believe the people involved here are a small minority. I pray that I am correct.

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