Sunday, February 21, 2016

the Lower East Side person i have known the longest..

Two days ago I posted some quotes curated by Francis Sappho and it made me want to write this…

Back then we called him Frank...

Frank was there at the apartment when I went, as a young teen, to meet up with an older guy I met at a club. The guy gave me his number and I called it. I left Catholic school in my uniform with a tee shirt under my blouse, and I slipped on my bondage pants and boots and carried my school bag across town to Ave B in 1982 to visited the guy. He lived in the basement under Frank’s apartment. I climbed down a hole in the floor in Frank’s place and jumped to a crate to enter the space. That was the first time Frank and I met.

Franks was on the LES music scene so he was around me all the time, floating in and out of my peripheral vision. I saw his bands many times. For some reason my girlfriend, with her thick Brooklyn accent, always did an impression of Frank’s girlfriend saying “Where’s the tuner, Frank?” It was a running impression in the soundtrack of my youth. When I moved out of my boyfriend’s place in 1994 or so I lived with Frank for a month and stayed a few days extra. He was a lovely roommate and was nice about my inability to be organized and leave. Frank made my accompaniment tape for two different Black Lips shows, playing the guitar on Bowie’s “Moonage Daydream,” which I sang with Marti Love Forever in a show I forget, and on Patti Smith’s “We Three” which I sang solo for the Jack the Ripper show at some museum. He is indeed a talented, generous musician. I remember him being an anarchist when I was and later he came to my Greendoor parties.  These days we both are parents and I see him on facebook and we say hi once in a while. The man is solid, technically the person I have known longest from the music scene, and yet we hardly know each other at all.  Love to you, buddy!

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