Friday, March 11, 2016

3 gun incidents, nyc

so I grew up and lived in manhattan until I was around 36 years old, which is when I moved to los angeles. When i first moved to LA I used to hear gun shots every night from my silverlake apartment. It was common place. No one screamed, no sirens followed, it just happened all the time.

In NYC, I only heard gunshots 3 times and they were a much bigger deal.

Once, late on a hot hot muggy summer night in 1983 outside the SIN club, on e 3rd street, just east of ave C.  It was late and the streets were busy with a few of us club goers and the rest of the mostly latin neighborhood people. Someone started shooting and there was a lot of screaming and yelling in Spanish and everyone was running and scrambling to get away from the gun. We all ran into the club and closed the doors. When things calmed down we went back outside and everything returned to normal, like nothing had happened.

The second time, as I mentioned yesterday, I was walking along 4th Avenue near 12th street and someone started shooting at someone. I was on the other side of the street from the incident, so I had a wall of cars to duck behind as I continued on my way, away from the noise, crouched down and running. I did not call the police. I have no idea what happened. I saw nothing, only heard the unmistakable sound.

The last time I heard gun shots in nyc I had just moved into my new home on B and 13th.  I looked out the window but did not see anything. It made me a bit apprehensive for a week or so, as I considered moving somewhere else but eventually I settled in and never heard another gun again, until I moved here.

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