Sunday, March 6, 2016

Altered state

So I did this breath workshop today that promised to take me to an altered state. I was curious.

I will probably never again take a substance to alter my mind, but lately I have intrigued by the idea, not sure why. Partially because  I recently saw Deepak Chopra  advocate “plant medicine,” or tripping, as the way to enlightenment. I am not a follower of his but I thought it a new direction for him, one which is just strange and interesting. Also, I just watched Embrace of the Serpent, nominated for best foreign film this year, which involves plant medicine. Those things aside, I have just been thinking about the healing benefits of altered states.

So, alas, I did the plant-free breath work and it worked and I was transported into an altered state. And low and behold it was amazing and healing and perfect and beautiful.

I started in terror, and almost left and then I surrendered and bypassed the monkey mind and got to my soul. There I found, surprise(!), UNLIMITED UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  It was all a pretty amazing experience and a great reminder of how life works: move past the resistance, surrender to the feelings, allow them to just be feeling and you move through them into great gifts. When the breath work part was over and we re-acclimated, I went on an amazing “trip” and wound up lying the embrace of a tiger, feeling so safe. The take-away: You are safe, you are loved. No need to waste time dwelling in the negative emotions. Great way to spend a Sunday.

Self-reminder: Go outside your comfort zone and do something fun and weird. 

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