Wednesday, March 2, 2016


The first car I ever drove was a car given to my husband by a friend when he moved to los angeles. It became “our” car, a green/blue Ford Taurus. I liked it. It did not last long. After I got my driver’s license I had to buy my very own car. I had grown up in NY and never learned to drive because I never needed to. I was in my late 30’s when I started taking driving lessons. After I passed my driving test I still took the bus for three years because I did not want to own a car, which seemed like a big expensive responsibility and a bit of a burden.

When I finally bought my car I did it through a guy who bought cars cheap at auction. It was a 5 year old Toyota Corolla and it cost about $7,000. I had it for another 11 years and I never had to put a penny into it. It ran perfectly and I drove it into the ground. It still runs and would go another 10 years if we wanted but it is really beat up and it is time to get a new car. I will tell you more about this as it happens, but in the mean time I will repeat this story incase you missed it's brillance.

During last years Award’s season, my husband went to a big Oscar’s event in Beverly Hills one night and he was driving my 16 year old Corolla, which is a sort of throw-upy nail polish color of pink/brown/silver/gold. My beautiful husband was an Oscar nominee and wearing a suit and looking terrific and not breaking any laws but he was profiled because of my car and pulled over by the police. They immediately let him go. Something about that still warms my heart. Keeping it street, baby. I will miss that car, just a little. But thrilled to be moving on.

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