Friday, March 18, 2016

expand and be happy

I need to do my taxes for the next coupe of days so I am  am reprinting this from my original blog, which no longer exists:
Scientific studies show that some people are just born happy, they are naturally happy all the time. Hmmm. Other people are not. They say they you have a happiness set point and that if you won the lottery or had some great thing happen to you, you would still be about as happy as you were before the event. The same goes for if a tragedy happened. You have a set point that really doesn’t change- unless you consciously try to. Here are a few of the suggestions from the book Happy for No Reason by Marci Shimoff
Ways to up your happiness set point
1. Do expansive things like dance and sing or whatever does it for you and hang out with people who make you feel expansive, not constrictive.
2. Eat high vibrational foods, raw, fresh, organic, sugar-free ( did i make this one up? not sure?)
3. Know the universe/world is a friendly place. if you do not think so, make a list of good things/supportive things that have happened to you to prove the case that it is indeed friendly, reinforce that belief
4. Acknowledge when good happens. They say that bad is like Velcro, bad memories, events, and thoughts "stick" and good slips off, slips away. So focus on the good to make it more “sticky” because what you appreciate appreciates.

Pretty cool stuff. I would add that you should be willing to let go of your story, the one you tell all the time about yourself, if it is negative, or reinforces negative beliefs.

Ultimately we can see the world as limited options, or endless possibilities- we all get to choose.

One of the coolest example I have is that I was a really negative person but I had that club, The Greendoornyc, and I would dj my fav songs and dress up and dance till dawn at least one night a week if not seven days, and I had so much prosperity and good luck despite my attitude because I was always in expansive activity, it was unconscious prosperity. Dancing and music saved my life, literally, accidentally. Now I get to do that intentionally, dig?

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