Saturday, March 12, 2016

I am "those people"

gosh, i have been thinking about this election so much and i wanted to write about it. I included a bunch of links that i found enlightening, or at least ones that help me understand the phenomena of trump supporters. 

I first just need to say that I am feeling so sad and nauseated by the racism that Donald trump is preaching, the rampant racism that is surfacing so strongly among some of his fans, that he is encouraging and provoking.

Talking about it (with this post), pointing it out does not register as a negative thing to this type of fan. They simply feel validated in their hatred by what he preaches.

From what I understand about political science and what is happening right now, a certain type of person likes the "tough talker", because they are so scared and it makes them feel safe. They confuse his hubris for strength and for some reason believe that he is someone who can get things done.

A certain type of person is feeling scared of all of the progressive change in the country and they can't handle it and thus there is a great backlash movement. They cannot be reasoned with because they are so scared they cannot see past their fear and hate. They are clinging to their fear of "the other" the blacks, the latinos, the muslims, the lgbt community, even women as the scape goats. They like him because he gives them a "safe place" to vent their anger and frustration but he is also encouraging them to vent it on the wrong people. I know it is nothing new to say but it really is classic Nazi Germany stuff.

Of course, a true leader is someone who helps people through their terror of the other; who calms the masses, not fans the flames; someone who is poised in times of turmoil, and takes the higher road, leads others to do the same.

It hurts my heart to see and hear people talk so venomously and call other human beings "trash" and much worse. All I can say is that fear kills the souls. It separates us from our humanity. I have no idea what the solution to this hate is. My only hope is that love always wins. Love is stronger than hate. I believe that our country is better than this, that the haters are a minority. I hope I am right.

All I know is that I am "those people"- I am the other, the latino, the supporter of and granddaughter of immigrants, the mother of an african american child, the fighter for lgbt rights, the believer in equality for all, opposed to the banning or registering people of any religion, the supporter of the constitutional right to protest, the protester,  I have been under-employed and if I had qualified I would have taken public assistance (I tried, believe me). I am a human being.

I have been everything that Donald Trump blames for making america "not great" and I disagree with him and his supporters. I believe in loving and supporting all human beings. I have been helped along my path and as I help myself I extend my hand to help others. 

Who does not know this? We help each other to all be better, to all do better.

I will leave you with this, don't play into the drama. Check your sources and do what you can to fight the good fight and get others to vote. Peace and Love, xH

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