Sunday, March 27, 2016

more easter

Going to palm springs for Easter has become a tradition. we have been doing it for 4 or more years now. we used to go to this great spot that is now closed. There was this family that used to do a big family reunion get together thing at the same spot every year and we would see them there each year. they were not my peeps but they were inclusive and cool enough and I missed them this year and wondered how they were doing and (magically) thought we might actually run into them at our new joint, but alas, we did not.
This year we made it out to Joshua Tree. I had not been there in around a decade, and then a decade before that, so it was time. The place is amazing and dessert bloom was happening and there were wild flowers everywhere so we went at the prefect time. I always feel like I am on the moon when I get into that landscape, and the night sky only enhances the effect. did i mention it was 90 degrees and we played in the pool all day?
I am loving our spring tradition, bursting with nature, and feel blessed to have such a good life.


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