Thursday, March 3, 2016

My foray into comicbook franchise millionairedom

In the 90’s my band FUR was paid a small fee to record a song as the characters of a comic book. The charcters’ name was Scare Tactics, they were a crew of monsters of some type who had a band. The song was called Inhumanifesto.

I would like to say that my memory of the whole event is so blurry and it really shows me how mind and memory work or don’t. Anyway, I remember getting paid $75.  I do not remember actually finishing the track or thinking it came out well at all, but here it is and it sounds kinds great. It should have been a big hit, a blockbuster should have been made, but according to Len Kaminski, the mastermind behind the project, via wikipedia, this is what happened.

Scare Tactics is a comic book series published by DC Comics. A total of twelve issues appeared, dated from December 1996 to March 1998. The series, written by Len Kaminski, was a part of DC's Weirdoverse group of titles.
Len Kaminski had the following idea to help promote the book.[1]
I had planned on there being a real-life ST fan club package, which would’ve included a small poster, a backstage pass and a cassette “bootleg” of one of their songs. I wrote the song, and went out of pocket a grand or two on a great east village band (which I can’t name due to weird contract stuff with their manager), studio time (sound engineering and the actual “tune” donated gratis by my friend [and ST fan] Ed) – only to have DC tell me to cut it out, I didn’t own the rights to ST (and besides, it was hinted, they didn’t need me running around making their marketing department look bad). So I had a crate of hundreds of those cassettes on my hands for years before I finally ditched them, keeping just a few for myself.
The series focused on the band Scare Tactics, which was a group of monstrous rock and roll musicians that encountered supernatural adventures while on the road.
The band/team consisted of:
                Arnold Burnsteel (manager/bus driver)
                Fang (Jake Ketchum – werewolf, lead guitarist)
                Gross-Out (Philbert Hoskins – mutated human, drummer)
                Scream Queen (Nina Skorzeny – vampire, lead singer)
Slither (James Tilton – reptilian human, bass guitarist)

I will just add that we never had a manager, so there was issue in saying who we were. Anyway, it was me on vox and guitar, playing both Fang aka Jake, and Scream queen, aka Nina, with the rest of Fur playing Slither and Gross Out. I actually love the one take lo-fi production via Ed Douglas! Dig it!

Hey all you mega producers out there, I am still available be the ghost behind your comic book movie band!


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