Monday, March 14, 2016

then i'm going to sleep

The second time I went to see Johnny Thunders, again at  the Peppermint Lounge, I think it was Valentine's day. (I had first seen him there a couple of months prior, on Christmas night.) I was 14. I wore my father's red banlon shirt as a sort of dress with red leggings since it was valentine's day.  I spent the evening talking to a guy to keep myself entertained. I did not have much interest in him, but he was interested in me and was someone to hang out with. I had come with my sister and her boyfriend and they were off somewhere so i was on my own and not in my element at all. The guy's name was Tony M, if I am recalling it correctly and he was a bit heavy set and wore his hair in a very short or buzzed style. He gave me his address and phone number, and he said it many times so I would remember it. I believe he lived on 64th street, or somewhere in the 60's. I am not sure why he did not just write it down. I kept saying I was bored and he kept saying "I'm bored, I'm the chairman if the board." I did not know Iggy yet and thought he was just funny and clever. He kept making me promise to call him. I had no intention to but kept saying I would as I killed time with him,  waiting uncomfortably for Johnny to come on already. I never really moved from my spot all night. I remember there was a really messed up looking couple sitting in a special, receiving alot of attention.  I wanted to just stare but they were way too intimidating. I was also funny new and amazing. It was a bad night for Johnny, he did not come on until so very very late and he was able to only play a few minutes from what I recall. The night was a bust, but still great. Later that week I was bored at home and thought of calling Tony, I mean after all he wasn't that bad, he went to thunder's shows. I may have even dialed him, but we did not connect and that was that.

Next month he will be gone 25 years. (April 23, 1991). crazy life.

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