Thursday, March 10, 2016

three places in nyc I think about

I will be walking or sitting or doing what ever and I will think about very random places in nyc for no apparent reason. I long to walk the streets and look at every detail. The weird part is that these seemingly unimportant places recur over and over, like the ghost of a soul that is not done.

One is Dojo in the West Village. I ate there once of twice. I ate at the other one, the one on St. Marks Place, a million times, but it is gone. The west village one ay be gone too by now, but I still think about it out here in Los Angeles and want to visit and eat there. I know it will not be as good as I imagine.

2. The area around Seventh Avenue near 12th street, where St Vincents Hospital used to be. Boring strip, but there used to be a good health food store on the Avenue and it was very close to the street that ran diagonal, I think it was Greenwich Avenue or Street? There was a Benny’s Burritos there that always looked fun even though the food was not good. And there was a Two Boots near that area also. Also a friend of mine lived in a cool apartment just down Greenwich that I was never in but could see into the window of.

The strip of Fourth avenue, near 12th street, by where the Ritz was/ There was a post office there and a billards place and that weird costume shop. I was walking there once and someone started shooting a gun and I ran. I lived in nyc for over 35 years and only heard gun shots three times, that was one of them.

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