Monday, March 21, 2016

two days later...

My boy just turned two. It is a special day, but I did not meet him until he was two days old, so when it is his birthday, I cannot say how it was the greatest day in the world for me, in terms of my being there and having the experience with him. It is a great day because he was born and came into this world. What a miracle of love! 

Two days later however, the day I met his beautiful soul and became his mother, is the greatest day for me, as in I will never forget how I felt and always cherish it with all my heart. More than i can write right now, here is the fuller story. What a miracle of love and joy. He was little and scared and precious and beautiful and perfect. I met him around 1pm and had him home with me around 1am, which is crazy. He cried that night when o put him in the bassinet so i pulled him on my chest and he slept there every night until he was too big to anymore. He still climbs on top of me sometimes, but rolls away after some time. 

Life is such a trip. Please do not ignore the amazing moments that are happening to you all the time, many times a day. it is all so good, even with the struggle and the pain that is a normal part of it all. It is all so good. How lucky are we.

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