Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Water seeks its own level....

Water seeks its own level. If you have water in one container and water in another container and you connect them, the water will flow between the two containers until the water levels are the same height in each. I love that saying and always use it to describe myself in light of the people I hung around with.

Back in the day I dated a lot of wild animals, the kind that should not have been put in the zoo or brought home as pets, jail, addiction, blah blah. Superfun and lots of trouble but I was just water seeking my own level, No different. We were the same.

Then there were a few really wild animals, not my level at all. Did you ever have that, know that, do that? I kinda knew that we were truly incompatible, but it did not change the attraction. I used to say simple sentences to them that would go so over their heads, like we spoke completely different languages. we'd get around eachother, both wanting to, and then we just couldn't relate, could barely just be there next to eachother. I kissed them all but never got much further, it was just impossible, the laws of nature did not allow it, no matter how hard I tried. They were really amazing. You know how stunning and wrong it looks to see someone wearing an exotic skin, a tiger skin coat. You can’t stop staring, so beautiful but it is so terribly out of place because it is not alive. Being with them would have been kinda like that.  Incredible rare jewels, but raw.  Eyes like pools to drown in. Faces like works of art. Bodies carved by the streets. Man, we got so close, flames almost touched and now we are light years away. Light years. We always were light years away.

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