Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Who loves you baby? Parts I & II

Part I
so I have been laying low after posting everyday for thae last 15 months. I like the momentum of writing and posting everyday, but I am also interested in other projects like my band and other things I have brewing. I have been thinking about lightening up on the blog for  while, but it is a hard decision and I continued to post each day.  There is something great about everyday. It keeps me in the flow in this crazy world. But alas…

I stopped. I skipped a few days and I do not have a plan other than that I still want to blog and it may not be everyday. Ot sure what it will look like, but I do know that I want to get other things done. Anyway…

I was thinking about how out of my mind I was in high school. I was so submerged in the underground and not participating in pop culture in any way. I had found my peeps out in the world, but I still went to a private high school that I had gotten into on a scholarship after being kicked out of catholic school and having no where to go.

I have written about this in some ways before. I really appreciate that my parents wanted the best possible life for me despite their limitations and their limited dreams for me. They really wanted me to have an education and they knew that the nyc public schools of the 1970’s and early 80’s was not a good fit for me.

They, my mother in particular, went out of her way to find a place for me and hustled some kind of deal since there was no way we could afford private school, right off Central Park West no less. And my father went along with it and paid whatever tuition they were asking for. As out of my mind as I was, I happened to have great grades, as school was a place for me to relax and learning was a safe comfortable place for my brain. So we all worked together to get me into my school and then the school in turn, worked really hard to use its resources to get me a college scholarship. Everyone knew I was at risk and that I had potential and they all conspired to help and I did get a college scholarship. It is all pretty interesting to look back at…..

I will continue tomorrow, but I wanted to mention that I was not friends with many kids at the school. Most of them were pretty privileged and I could not relate other than with negative feelings. However, I am “friends” with a bunch of them now on facebook and they are so cool and lovely and warm. And I just wanted to say that.


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