Thursday, April 28, 2016

40 perfect and yes rare...

The Ramones first record just had its 40th anniversary. Henry Rollins was talking about it today on the radio. It was great to hear those songs. It reminded me why I wanted/want to be in a band. It reminded me why music is amazing. It reminded me of that unnamable feeling/energy of the first time you hear a mind blowing song.

The best part of the article was when Henry mentioned that the record only went gold two years ago, which means that it only sold 500,000 copies as of recently. He spoke about how shocking that was, how he imagined that everyone had that record. I guess I thought that too, but it is so refreshing to hear that not everyone has it, that it really is a privileged bunch who knew about it. Of course I wished the band all the success and exposure and financial gain they deserved, that is besides the point. The point is that not everyone knows about this gem. It really was the sublime magnificent underground, like wearing yellow fishnet stockings with an MC jacket on a freezing night so cold it hurts your nose to breathe and all you care about is the sound and   you feel like you would die for it and you just need to get there and see them and hear them....Despite all the good or bad bands that think they are/were punk and think that punk “broke” the mainstream, some good part never did. Little victory for us with good taste.

btw, LA Peeps, I am playing with my band OSO My Brain, tonight, friday april 29th at Taix 1911 Sunset blvd, in echo park at 10pm. See you there...

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