Friday, April 8, 2016

be wrong strong

In first grade I did great in school and loved the attention and the compliments and the stickers. Then I made my first mistake. I remember it still something about circle the cherries or the apples and I did it wrong and I got my first red X. I went home so upset and said that I needed glasses and my family thought that was so funny, but I cried because my little bit of validation was taken away and I wanted it back.

I am crazy over the new film Miles Ahead, directed by Don Cheadle, and my favorite line is when Miles is recording and he says to his band “Be wrong strong.”  When I was in my first band I was all attitude, not much technique, I still am like that in many ways. I came to love mistakes because that is what happens when you are taking chances, being vulnerable, living in the moment. Something about being and neat and perfect is so uptight, leaves no room for the magic. Go there.

Be wrong strong my friends, forever. xxH

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