Thursday, April 7, 2016

high school teacher Part II cliffhanger revealed...

part II high school
Sorry it took me a while to get to this cliff hanger continued from

…He made good points, but also came from a place of white male privilege. I understood both sides. Most, if not all of the kids on the school did not have to worry about paying for college. My family never finished paying for my high school. They did not have the money, so they ditched the last tuition. I never got my hs diploma because of debt. I had already gotten a big scholarship, because I was bright, from my father's union. It was not enough to go to NYU. I already knew I was smart. However, NYU was going to give me another scholarship (because I was bright AND my school had gotten me to be the news paper editor to enhance my profile) and being Latina was probably going to help. I had never been given much of anything, so I loved affirmative action.

For the paper, I wrote....that affirmative action was “bad” and gave the reasons why, which all made sense, even though I really thought affirmative action was good because it served me in a prefect and untarnished way. Anyway, it was a complex issue.  I just finished watching the AMAZING  People vs OJ series and the Chris Darden character speaks about how he got into his prestigious school without help, but he felt, painfully,  like everyone was looking at him like he only got in because of affirmative action.

None the less, I finally got an A on a paper for Mr. Pugelli. One thing I learned in his class was how to play the game, which may not have been unintended on his part. In any case, I deeply respect the guy and I was absolutely thrilled to find out he was head of a school, still teaching and still amazing. I watched a video of him giving a presentation to his his school students and I an in awe at what he is teaching high school kids. I am in awe of his mind. I watched the whole video to learn and remember and learn again. He talks about so many things I couldn’t grasp at the time but came to learn, believe ,and value on my own over the years. These days, we have many shared values. I would love to see him give a Ted Talk. Thanks Mr. Pugelli. You can see him here speaking about "selling your self":

this on the other hand was where i was at in high school, listening to crass, god bless..

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