Sunday, April 17, 2016

lord i miss you

life is so good. i am so busy. i miss writing everyday and being with you, but i love doing other things and not putting that  pressure on myself right now. i can do it if want to but am taking a break. yum....

anyway, i just saw this film and i t was so awesome and i thought i would tell you about it. it was universal but on a smaller budget than those typical UNIVERSAL themed films. it is just my nature, i am not fan of "too glossy, i get it, the hard work the perfection, the polish, the goal, the box office competition, the pay for the artists, etc, but something always gets lost in the translation for me when you get to the arena level. as for the music metaphor, i hope to never go to an area show again in my life, i only want the small club experience. and yes i mostly avoid that kind of film because it rarely satisfies me.

that being said, i saw this medium sized film, (small to some) and it was so elegantly acted and told, and the metaphor was so big and strong and it was just everything i want in a film, it showed the struggle, the heartbreak, the reality of life, the beauty of family, of relationship, friendship, love. it touched the god place for me.

it reminded me of everything i already knew but always forget.
the struggle is normal. 
we are all connected. 
everything is going to be ok. 
love is stronger than all the stuff. 
love always wins. 
you are given everything you need.
i could go on and on.

oh, the film was called Midnight Special. you may not see it the way i did. expectation often kills it of me.

see you around, kiddos.
looking good, keef...

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