Tuesday, April 5, 2016

politics and joy

This is real. While I talk about the presidential race alot, I do not talk about it in front of my daughter, not for any specific reason, but I am just not in adult company having those conversations when she is around. EVERYTHING she knows she hears from other kids in kindergarten and apparently they talk politics every day. When we are driving I listen to npr so she also hears all the news reports, and the names Clinton and Trump jump out for her and prompt her to fill me in on her political views.  She is anti Trump because he is not nice and "excludes," (which is a terrible thing to do on the playground). She never mentions Bernie. She wants Hillary to win because she is a girl.

So tonight over dinner out of the blue she said this to me with great excitement:
"Did you know that Jim Cleatlin is the husband of Harry Cleatlin (that is how she pronounced Hillary's name)!!!?

After taking a moment to figure out what the hell she was talking about I said, "I did know that."

And she said without missing a beat "What's a husband?"It is kust me and the kids at dinner, no one else is there.

What joy I get to sit alone and hold.


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