Sunday, April 10, 2016

standing myself up

at one time I tried on line dating. I was single and dating was a drag and online dating was a worse drag. It probably takes time to get it right but I did not give it much time.
I met one guy on there and he was ok and we made a date and I showed up and he was not there and  waited a bit but he never came. I was relieved. Then I went home and realized that I had never sent him the note where I confirmed the date and set up the time and place. The draft was written but never sent. Opps. I stood myself up.

Last week I wrote a blog and published it and about 8 people read it. wow I thought, did everyone just forget about me that fast? Just because I have not published every day am I no longer relevant? I remember Jon Stewart saying “who remembers Oprah?” after she went off network tv and was only on her channel and not as accessible. He said it in a cautionary way when the Daily Show did not air, or threatened not to air, for one day due to some glitch, or something like that. I was about to buy into the workaholics dream about having to do it more and more and more….
Then I checked to see if I ever posted the blog and lo and behold, I had once again stood myself up.

Things are not always what you think. Sometimes you get proof, sometimes you have to trust..,

this is the most un me song i have ever posted. but it works

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