Monday, April 11, 2016

the greatest water fountain

We used to go to this man made lake in Fair Lawn, New Jersey when I was a kid. Swim, barbeque, play, it was a magical place. I have the fondest memories.  My parents called it Fehlaun, with their heavy new York accents so it was not until I was a grown up that I knew what the place was really called. Anyway, there was a water fountain there that I can still remember today. the fountain and the metal bowl lay on a wooden structure that had been painted white, but was rough and sun baked, faded and chipped. The whole thing smelled like wood that was hot and in the sun all day, like a boardwalk, and the water tasted like the most delicious water in the whole world. still does, in my memory.

No song tonight. in a rush. peace out. xh

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