Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Don't quit before the miracle

Hi friends, I miss you. I am checking in out of the blue with this short but sweet one...

Several days ago I spotted a rolypoly bug on the bathroom floor on its back wiggling like crazy and unable to get up. I was too tired to deal with it. School is back in session and it is unexplainable how hectic things get when there is a dramatic schedule change and sleep is disturbed with the early call time. Hectic for me and for the kiddos. Way to impossible to describe. Some of you know exactly what I am talking about, the rest must trust. Completely  and utterly unable to help that bug.

Three whole days later I saw it again, in a different part of the room, still on its back struggling like mad, wiggling all those feet, completely helpless, stuck. I happened to have an once of strength and I picked up the poor bastard and threw it out into the yard. Ping! I heard that satisfying sound that meant the bug was not stuck to me but now had hit a leaf and was back in its element.

Alas, the metaphor, I have been that bug, hopeless and fucked. Unable. And out of the blue something changes. Don't quit before the miracle. I write to remind my dear self. See you around. XH

Oh hell yeah, Otis!

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