Thursday, November 3, 2016

The end of the best summer

I adore summer. Growing up with many difficulties, summer was the one consistent joy. Pools and oceans were a family value, my parents made swimming a priority. Water was one of the few places where there was peace and play and freedom and fun.

Getting to the water has become a priority for me as well. as a new mom I imagined that taking my kids to the beach or pool would be the greatest thing but it wasn't. I had to hold my 6 month old the whole time and it was uncomfortable, then I had to watch her the whole time and when she got slightly independent I had to hold my son. I didn't reason out the plan I just felt it emotionally, summer water joy.  But it wasn't, and that was such a disappointing drag....

Until now. this year was the best summer of my adult life, maybe even my whole life. I went to the pool every day. My daughter can swim good enough and my son, only 2, is at a fun stage and he can wear floaties and jump around without physical discomfort to me. And I get to frolic about for a bit here and there and that is terrific. It has been and continues to be great, joyous, and amazing. Being in the water is the easiest place for me to play with my kids and connect with them. So perfect.

Then that day came when I noticed that the slant of the sun was different and I felt a chill in the air that signified the end of summer, the same chill I would feel as a kid at Rockaway at the end of August, or on the holiday weekend. The sea was warm, but the sun was different and the air reflected it. Urg. It hurt me on the cellular level to say goodbye to this glorious summer.  Still thrilled to have experienced it in all its perfection. Next year will be even better!

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