Friday, November 4, 2016

What's great today

those of you who know me may know about how I used to cry everyday. I did that for decades. There was a lot to mourn, feel, grieve and release. I washed away most of  what I needed to. I hardly cry at all these days. It's been a rather dry decade or so. But I cried today. I literally cried out of beauty and joy today because I saw a grandmother asleep upright in a chair at the Y holding her new born sleeping grandchild against her body. It was mind blowingly touching for so very many reasons. I could not stop staring and, teary-eyed, I touched a stranger who was also staring and we shared a moment together basking in the emanating light. Life is magnificent.

The other amazing things that happened were that I went to THE infamous Marc Jacob sample sale. I love Marc. The sale, however, was ga-badge (said with a New England accent). I don't like to used such strong language but it was. It was day 2. Maybe if you go on day one it is better. This part might not sound amazing, but it was. It was amazing to find out I was not missing out on anything. Silly, I know.

The best amazing part was that I went to my daughter's teacher conference and I was told "I don't know what you are doing at home with your child but it is like an angel dropped into the class room. She is not only focused on her work, but she helps other kids. She answers questions so earnestly. And she is above the standards in every area." That is just so very sweet to hear. I do not care if she is struggling with every subject. What I loved was that she tries, she helps, and my favorite part, she is earnest. She is so very sweet. I am so very lucky.

A few other details: getting to eat at this place we were trying to get to before it closed and never making it until today. Eating a delicious meal with my kiddos and having a laugh fest in bed as I was keeping them up extra late to get them ready for the clock change.

I am living the dream. I suspect we all can find part of the dream to live. Cultivate the attitude of gratitude, brothers and works.

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