Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Home sick

This post is not as boring as I think, right?

This is always part of the story. The crash, right when things are urgent, right when I am down to the wire, things to do, places to be blah blah blah.

It was inevitable.

Since getting back from London, I have been under the weather. I spent two solid days in bed and then I thought I was ok enough to go back to the grind. We had a birthday party for the kids on the weekend and me and the kids really felt beat up after it. But I ate some chocolate and went about my day...

I am a sensitive being. I don't drink or smoke or do caffeine, I rarely do sugar and I barely take anything stronger than an occasional aspirin if I am not feeling well. I am like this mainly because I am so sensitive so any substance, they all hit me hard and take a toll. But alas, there are hectic periods where I get really crazy and I USE LIKE AN ADDICT. Yep, I started using chocolate to get through the day and it worked for a while, gave me the energy to continue on, but like any drug, ultimately it kicked my ass and now I still have the cold, only worse, and I am down for the count.

I finally surrendered to being sick, mainly because I need to get well. We are all stuck at home for day # 3 now. I have not written because basically it is boring and I have little to say.

What else can I say? I am not working out, and I am accepting that my clingy dress won't look as good as I had planned. Oh well, fuck it. What else can I say, have a ton to do and I can't . Fuck it.

Today, we are all stir crazy and I have done everything under the sun with these kiddos and it is only 1 pm and no relief is coming. I couldn't get any help today so I am here with the gang and plum out of ideas. I feel like Vito Spatafore from the Sopranos. Remember him? One of my favorite all time episodes was when he tried to run from the family and he got a regular job and he was counting seconds hoping time had passed and he would look at the clock and it would be hours earlier than he had hoped. That's me! Ha! It's only 1 pm. I was sure it was 2:30. Anyway, I will get through the day and I will get to LA for the weekend, head cold be dammed. Oh, the glamour.

I am sure the lead up to the oscars two years ago looked very similar. You can only burn the candle at both ends for so long....

Much love, xxxmommy holly

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