Saturday, February 11, 2017

its my party and i'll cry if i want to

I got my sequined dress out of jail. i have a dress to wear for the BAFTAS. 

i left the kids with my sister, god bless her, and went upstairs and cried. thrilled to be alone, i still cried.

Everything is cool. I am going to Kensington palace Saturday night for a party. I am wearing a silk dress by Theory. Theory is kindly dressing me and my husband. They do not make formals for women, but they make tuxedos and great party dresses. They are also providing my purse for the big event. I love their stuff and it feels so good to be taken care of. Thank you, MD, for hooking it up, thank you Theory for stepping up.

right now am sitting in business class, my chair turns into a full flat bed. our section is upstairs from the rest of the plane. ahhh divine decadence. there is no other possible way i could do a weekend in london. i just don’t have the luxury of getting a bad sleep. i can’t come home worse off than if i hadn’t gone, not with the responsibility of getting off the plane, no recovery time and being a mom,  immediately. 

on a completely separate note. i am haunted by what i read regarding the sessions confirmation, and how sean spicer had said "I can only hope martin Luther King's widow Coretta would support jeff session's nomination".(!!!!!) my skin crawls as i type that shit.

i use to work in a gallery in soho and there were was this couple who collected the art we sold and they would host big parties for the artists we represented and they would commission special pieces for their collection. it turned out that all of the money they were spending was embezzled. they actually went to jail in the end. i was and am still baffled by their choices, their motives. jail, for that?!!!

i bring them up because i am watching almost the entire republican administration sell their souls right now and for what? i get why the billionaire do it, but these senators and congress people? sell your soul, violate basic human rights, let go of every shred of your human decency, for what? i can only hope they all go to jail in the end, but apparently being a white supremecist is not illegal. i wish them all an empathetic epiphany.

alas, i will tell you all about kensington palace tomorrow…

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