Thursday, February 2, 2017

my husband was nominated for an academy award and I'm back..

So my lovely husband was nominated for his second academy award, for editing La La Land. I am so very thrilled for him. He works so hard and is so kind and it couldn't happen to a nicer person .

The first time around the whole experience was so very new to us and he was the underdog from a little film. This time around everything is so very different. He is part of this big film that has tied Titanic for the most nominations and we know the ropes a little bit. I am not jaded, this is not old hat, it is super exciting and I am going to take you along for the journey if you care to come...

I want to start by saying that my darling talented husband was kicked out of film school. He did  3 years and was kicked out. He finished college at the same school, with a different major, visual arts/ photography. I know the whole story of the kick out. When I just asked him why, looking for a way to write about it, he just said, just now as I type "Oh god, I don't know". He's so beyond the whole experience. I bring it up because my academy award winning husband who now has a second nomination was kicked out of film school. Never give up people, never stop doing what you want to  do, what you believe in, what you feel called to. Never sell your soul and live a dreary life of settling because someone tells you no. Don't give up your dreams because of external or internal obsticals. Strive on. Even if they don not manifest in the ways you were planning. It doesn't matter if you fail. Just never quit because of the gatekeeper telling you you can't enter...because they don't know you.

I'll leave you with that. I'll get to the dress, for those who care, and the unbelievable and almost undoeable schedule, and all my luxury problems, and all the ups and downs of the ride. But for now, keep moving in the direction of your dreams, just like in that movie he worked on.


  1. I was a year ahead of him, so I had no idea this happened! Honestly, there is a great history of people from our programs being on "quadruple secret probation" and were told they would amount to nothing. One of them was my friend Parker Posey. I remember her confiding in me that she was under the gun. I told her to ignore them (well, I probably said fuck them) . All I can say is that he is good company.

  2. It makes me feel good whenever I see Tom's great work on the screen or watch him walk up and collect an award. Couldn't happen to a nicer, more professional person. Thanks for linking to this Tchaiko & I hope you have a great time Holly.