Saturday, February 11, 2017

oh hell, it feels so good to be pampered. so very needed by this tired mom. our suite is really nice with its lavender eucalyptus pillow mist and the neon pink radio in the bathroom that we left tuned to the classical station. i have always loved getting out of america every so often, it gives you perspective; it is great to see and hear other people, different countryside an cityscapes, and simple things like different toilets, so cool. get to of the old neighborhood.

I have enjoyed this city in the past as a young tourist on a non-existent budget and then with a semi-insider perspective, playing music here a few times. this is the first time i am getting to sleep in a king sized bed and type in my white robe sipping cappuccino. the luxury part makes it seem more like america, more homogenized, less foreign, more like a great spa vacation that could be anywhere, but i am still delighting in the un-American details. and delighting in the luxury. they are steaming my dress for me.

tom is speaking at a panel and i am enjoying doing nothing. i have no desire to exert myself, to see anything special. i am just being here with ease. oh yes. btw it is very cold and there is light snow today. i am taking a long  bath while watching a movie on the flat screen set flush into the bathroom wall The film is a roman period film, made in the 60's. a woman is tied up in the colosseum with a loose bull and a man wrestles it and kills it with his bare hands. the emperor does not want to give him the victory, since it was designed for him to lose, but the crowd demands it. i have no idea what film it is it.

none of our technology works. both phones, set up for international, failed. no text, nothing. and then tom went out and his computer locked me out because i don't know the password so i had no internet. i love pre internet living.  i went out alone and had a great time. you know the old saying " when in Rome, go to whole foods" i don't particularly love whole foods, but i got what i needed there.

kensington palace was grand. that is where lady Di lived after the divorce. everyone was there. there was some hors d'oeuvres that i did not want and then tons of chocolate. we crashed an after party that was serving dinner and were held at the door because we were not invited, but some name dropping about tom got us in and seated, which we needed because we were starving. it was held at the prestigious Annabels and the food was off the charts, the music was amazing and the crowd was utterly glamorous and cool. even Mel Brooks was there. we talked to Harvey Weinstein who knew who Tom was and he invited us to his party tomorrow. the best part was that as dinner finished, the adorable pink haired girl dj segued into funk and disco and the gorgeous crowd including me all got on the dance floor. one of the problems with some of these events is that everyone just stands around. but this was a real party, my kind of party. it reminded me of an early greendoor party in that it was exactly what i like, small intimate space, cool stylish crowd having a genuinely special time with great music. different vibe from the greendoor, not punk or rock, but perfect. oh did i mention that our hotel is on wardour street, which reminds me of this song....

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