Monday, February 27, 2017

So inspiring

So Tom didn't win. No one wins everytime. That's part of the game. It's all good. To put it into perspective in terms of the odds, there were two people nominated last night who had both been nominated over 20 time. Sound mixer Andy Nelson, with 21 nominations, has won twice and lost last night. Sound mixer, Kevin O'Connell had 21 nominations and never won, until last night. amazing. It's a numbers game people.

I am a bit off, a bit run down. I had beautiful hair and make up and dress and the best company but I was not as comfortable in my skin as I was the last two big events. Even befor Tom did not win, I wasn't feeling great. He didn't win the BAFTA and it was still magical. Last night just wasn't my night. But we had a good time and went to the ball and the big after party, but I don't have much to say.

The show itself was one of the funnest ever, from the Justin Timberlake intro to the beautiful sets to the politics and speeches, tres inspiring on so many levels, never boring. the  shocking unprecedented miscalling of the best picture winner was really intense in person. I saw some one rush onto the stage, which isn't very obvious on the TV feed, and it was scary. I thought there was trouble or violence. Thankfully it was only a mistake and no one was hurt. A terrible mistake for La La Land. I can't imagine making the speech and then having the trophy taken away. I feel for those guys. And on the flipside, it was such a reversal of fortune for the socially important Moonlight. I can't imagine losing and then having the decision reversed, better than a dream come true, as Barry Jenkins kind of said. I am equally sad for the La La Land crew and happy for the Moonlight crew.

Well, La la land's producer Jordan was incredibly graceful in such an awkward moment when he said he would proudly hand his Oscar to his friends. The whole evening was very inspiring to me on many levels, as it usually is, but even more so. I just wasn't feeling the whole grandness or the after parties. Dinner was fun and I got to say hi to Viggo, but then I just dragged on until 4 am when a car got us to LAX by 425 and security felt me up and I passed out in my chair minutes after boarding at 530, waking only for a second when my husband shook me to convert my chair into a bed.

It is glorious to be home. I am so happy to see my kids. I am so happy awards season is over. Sorry to be a drag. It is not for lack of trying, or a bad attitude, I just burned out a little too fast this weekend. Happy to be in my comfortable organic bed. Glorious.

Love you all. Xh

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