Sunday, February 12, 2017


just another average morning in london, i got to sit around and have breakfast with a lovely crew of bafta nominees and talk about film and the importance of women in punk bands and in bands in general.

hair and makeup is dropping by shortly. not sure it if i will post after the event to night...................

i didn't look perfect, but i just went with it, didn't stress.

the show was really really fun. tom didn't win, but that is par for the course. you can't always win. it was great that tom was nominated and that the film did so well.

lots political speeches and the vibe was all about the resistance.

the royal family was there, which was interesting, kate and william. we sat 4th row center. they were pretty close. someone in our party clapped when they entered, and someone whispered, "no, you are not supposed to clap!" but it was too late because all of the americans in the room had already started  clapping. faux pas.

13th won best doc!! this is so important, such an important film which need to be seen by everyone.

we went to the harvey weinstein party and it was great fun. there was a room full of chocolate fountains, marshmallows, parisian macaroons, and an assortment of other pastries. it was like walking into a free bakery/candy shop. take anything eat about decadent!

there is always alcohol everywhere free and abundant. i don't really drink, but it is there. i got delicious elixers and non alcohol treats.

i got to dance next to dev patel, who was very gracious. i got to  talk with the two brilliant actors from I, Daniel Blake, i got to compliment viola davis, whose speech  made me sob to the point of messing up my face, oh well- feeling in more important than tidiness everytime. i have a few other great run ins and am staying up all night on adrenalin. great party great town. i heart london.

see you tomorrow, which is in a few hours, back in mommy mode. i miss those babies!!!!


  1. Hi Cousin Holly,

    So wonderful to hear your report of the trip to London. I was rooting for Tom to win, but if it's any consolation, the winner edited the movie made by my 3rd cousin on my father's side.

    Yes, Mel Gibson's great grandfather was Patrick Mellett (1838-1899) (also spelled Mylott) who was born in a village in South County Mayo, Ireland just 5 miles from where my father Harry Mellett's father Michael Mellett was born.

    If Patrick's father was also Michael's grandfather, then Mel and I are 3rd cousins. (Of course I'd need to go on Henry Louis Gates' show Finding Your Roots to find out for sure, but for now I'll claim some kinship with Mel and thus root for both sides of my family to win big at the Oscars coming up soon.

    Best to you, Tom & the kids

    Tom Mellett,
    Living in the real LA-LA-Land.