Monday, February 6, 2017

The f*ing dress Part I

oh kids, you know me, I like to like how I look. As a kid my dad had to take me to 20 shoe stores looking for my school shoes one year.  Sixth grade was the worst year of my life, as I was immersed in puberty, my parents were getting ready to split up, my best friend bought the last pair of really cool shoes apparently in all of New York (because I could find them nowhere), and I wound up with the ugliest shoes ever. Even looking back now, I can say that that was the worst year of my life, primarily because of how ugly my shoes were. My feet were still kid sized and we had a working class budget and though I searched , there was nothing out there. The pain was amplified because my friends shoes were so very cool. I suffered profoundly. I would still suffer profoundly if I were forced to look hideous and unattractive day in and day out. I know no one was looking at my feet and no one cared but I did. It's always an inside job...which brings me to my dress...

I'm five foot nothing. Gowns are not flattering on me. I need a really specific cut to look ok. I have no time to search hi and low for a dress these days. I used to spend my entire day doing that kind of thing. It is fun. But now I have two little kids and that luxury is not mine. It's not about the money, if there were a $29.99 dress at the Rainbow Shop that flattered me, I would be thrilled. I haven't found it yet. Still, I have no desire to mingle with the rich and glamourous and not feel my best.

In 4 days we are going to London, to attend the British version the of the academy awards on Sunday. I will be going to the big party at Kensington palace and then on the the event. It is the first time in 3 years I have been away from my kids, the second time ever. As a side note I will say that while I am not crazy about leaving my kids right now, due to all the mayhem in America, combined with the fact that flying takes a toll on me and is not my favorite thing, this transatlantic adventure is going to be like a spa vacation to my weary soul. I so need this break.

I need to get dressed! To be continued tomorrow....

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