Saturday, February 25, 2017

the hammer, grilled cheese, and bubble and squeak

so i met with a pal today and it was so nice to be in los angeles. la smells so good, flowers 

i forgot to tell you this, but in london there is a menu item called "bubble and squeak". it is some potato thing. it always makes me think of my two kiddos.

one night in london, tom ordered "grilled cheese" from room service and they brought up a piece of cheese that was grilled! so then he had to order bread. ah the brits!

today i had to go to a meeting and so  i set the clock and got up and went, but when i got there i found out it was cancelled. urge! so i took myself to the museum instead, the hammer, and there is THE MOST AMAZING SHOW going on there right now, Jimmie Durham, at the center of the world. the show is The much-anticipated first North American retrospective of this compelling, inventive, and complex visual artist, performer, poet, essayist, and activist.

Jimme is native American Cherokee. if you are in LA, you need to make the trek over. so inspiring visually and politically and creatively. i was so happy to have the unexpected hole in my schedule, which led me there, someplace i wouldn't have gone otherwise. i used to take myself to the museum alone, pre kids, but that is one of the last things i would do with free time theses days, (only because there are so many other priorities) but here i was stranded in westwood, without a is interesting that way. be open to the detours!! love you always. xh

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